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Mould Springs

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A spring is an elastic member which store energy and provides a force over a distance by elastic compression.
Spring have ability to withstand relatively large compressions elastically. Today springs find tremendous
applications in engineering and other areas, which makes wide variety of springs both in size and
shapes. Springs are mainly used for following functions.
1] To cushion, absorb or control the energy either due to shocks, vibration as in railway wagons,
automobiles, shock absorbers, press tools etc.
2] To exert force as in spring loaded safety valve, clutches etc.
3] To support moving masses or to isolate vibrations.
4] To store energy, as in clocks, toys, machines etc.
Springs are classified as :
1] Compression Springs.
2] Tension Springs.
3] Spiral Spring.
4] Disc Spring.
5] Spring rings and bars
In this catalogue we are mainly provided details of compression springs used for following
1] Press tool dies for sheet metal working.
2] Moulds for plastic injection moulding.
3] Jigs, Fixtures and machine tools.



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