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Chinese Dome Valve Spares

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Chinese Dome Valve Spares is a pressure tight compressed air operated valve for handling abrasive, material & slurry mixture without wear & tear. Simple in design & low maintenance. This valve is used in pneumatic conveying systems in different Industries. It is provide positive closure between hoppers and blow tanks. They are capable for cut off moving and satiric column of powder pastes & up to 40 mm particle size. Pressure tight closure is provided by either eccentric shape of the dome and with help of an inflatable seal to prevent leakage. They provides the pressure tight seal against the dome surface when in the closed Position. No wear & tear between dome & seal because sealing action taking place only at the end of closing position. 

We are also manufacturing chinese dome valve spare part or chines make dome valve and actuator to suit and interchangeable in any valve.


  • Sizes - 50 NB upto to 500 NB (4'' up to 20'')
  • Moc - Cast Iron, cast steel, SS304 , SS310 & SS336
  • Opratation - Pneumatic cylinder, pneumatic actuator, motorized.
  • Models - Standard & Water cool jacket (for high temp)

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